Maggie Sketches

As the writer of the things adjusts to new work the update schedule might get a little rocky. We shall do our best! Here are some more sketches of Maggie. Poor Maggie, she came into the world of the Things and this Liz story arch just took over!!!


Extra art Saturday, concept sketches

Maggie is a fun character to draw. Thanks Kylie for all the reference photos! Washcloth dolls are quite flexible and have shapes and ways of being I never would have thought of!

411: Maggie

Maggie is a pretty special bunny and good friend to T. She is wise, loving and an excellent listener.



Boot: No one wants

to hug a boot

Maggie the washcloth bunny doll floats down and hugs Boot

Boot: Sigh…

And now I get to be wrong too.