114: Flowering Pot

I drew a bunch of flip book things on a plane when I first started this project. Sadly, at around the same time my copy of photoshop died after installation stupidity that killed my registration code.

I’ve been trying to find an alternative, wrestling with gimp, wandering around different possibilities, but I just get all confused and sad. Now I just draw everything on my iPad and life is easier! I’m sure I’ll get on top of it one of these days, but transferring stuff from one medium to the other gives me melancholic feelings at the best of times. Anyhow, I hope this early Things Without animated giff entertains.

Making of Flower Shower (two videos)

Sketchbook has a record what you’re doing function. And youtube means I can spend too much time considering music to set it to.

Unfortunately Sketchbook has a slight delay between pressure and response that means I think I’ll go back to drawing with Procreate unless I have to do a lot of coloring. Sketchbook just isn’t as much fun or as responsive – and if a do a certain impatient combination of actions it will crash and randomly delete layers.

83: Tasty Mind

Oh the curious challenge of cultivating a beginner’s mind.


A sprout appears at the top of Thing 2’s head.

The sprout turns into a flower.

The flower head has gone.

Thing 2 sprouts another flower out the top of their head

That flower had goes again as well.

Bunson Hoppydew, Boot, and Thing 2 all have flowers in their mouths.
Thing 2: It is delicious!