Making of Flower Shower (two videos)

Sketchbook has a record what you’re doing function. And youtube means I can spend too much time considering music to set it to.

Unfortunately Sketchbook has a slight delay between pressure and response that means I think I’ll go back to drawing with Procreate unless I have to do a lot of coloring. Sketchbook just isn’t as much fun or as responsive – and if a do a certain impatient combination of actions it will crash and randomly delete layers.

97: Flower Shower

Bunson was less than thrilled by his flower adventure, but the things don’t seem to mind.


Bunson is sitting under a large purple flower that’s squirting water on Thing 2

Even more water is pouring down on Thing 2. The grass around them is getting higher.

Thing 2 is soaked even more by water coming from the flower. There’s even more shrubbery and plants growing up around them.

More water pours down and there is lots of green plant life surrounding Thing 2
Thing 2: I like showers