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Welcome to The site is going through a bit of an upgrade and with over 700 comics it may take a little while. Things may move around a little bit and should become easier to explore and navigate.

If you’d like to read comics that aren’t in the new comic, scroll down to read the comics below, access it through archives, or do a search.

If you have any feedback about the new site, wishes, nominees for what to go in the Favorite section, let me know in the comments section of this post!

Thing 2: I have a sad Thing 1: Are you looking for solutions or comfort? Thing 2: I would like to be angry, then sad, then comforted, then adventure for solutions, then giggles Thing 1: Let’s start! Thing 2: Raar

It’s been many years since I created A Sad and I’m honored and humbled by the stories folks have shared with me about this comic. I love that it’s been used as a tool for folks to express their emotional needs. I love that folks can pull this out and say thisThis is how I want to be treated when I have a sad. I treasure all the stories I’ve heard and it’s so amazing to think of the secret life the Things have out in the world.

It’s nice to have these reminders that sometimes just being present is enough. Asking what a person needs is often better than diving in with a solution. It’s such an easy habit to fall into, and I need a reminder from my own comics sometimes. Thank you for visiting Thingswithout, I’m so grateful the Things and all their friends came into my life, they certainly help me when I have a sad.

I hope you enjoy your stay, here are a few I’m particularly fond of:

  • Stories featuring Boot. Boot has been through a lot, but still keeps caring. 
  • Bunson Hoppydew is a wonderful little boy bunny who loves dancing, friendship and cake. His lifestyle advice is sometimes a little peculiar, but always brings a smile to my face.

If you have any favorites, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

FYI, comments for most comics get closed after a few weeks (sometimes a month or two, I’m not always good at remembering, but forgetting to close comments is a way to tell google you’re lame if there’s no activity!), but I’ll keep comments open on this one. Though if you want to license thingswithout art etc, please e-mail me, rather than use the comments section!

A Sad Support

Checkpoint (a non-profit providing mental health resources for gamers) has a great looking list of resources and helplines around the globe. It’s better to reach out for help than suffer alone. I also love how Checkpoint’s mental health guides (handy for anyone, not just gamers) come with fun monster illustrations and the writing is so down to earth and approachable. The Depression monster looks so cute and is a grumpy jerk!

Lifeline 13 11 14, is a fantastic general support line in Australia. The Creator of the Things called them once because she had a really rough day at work (police stations were involved, and she held someone’s hand while they were brave). It felt a bit silly to call, she wasn’t in massive crisis, but she reminded herself they said nothing to small and not to self censor yourself out of accessing support. It was nice to be able to talk through some stuff in a confidential anonymous way that respected the privacy of the person she had helped. Calling definitely pushed her comfort zone, but it was also really empowering. She went and got the help that felt best for her needs, not the oughts society tells you (especially the you ought to just deal with it).

The Australian Institute of Family Studies maintains a much larger list of help lines for specific issues and specific regions.

We Need to Talk About Mental Health talks about stuff that’s much bigger than sadness. But is a handy resource in these complex and crazy making (literally crazy making) time. I hope it helps folks navigate some of the bigger issues and have a resource to share to make certain conversations easier.

Do you know about Patreon? It’s a place where everyday folks can become patrons of the arts. One of your favorite artists might be there right now, creating exclusive content and supported by a community of patrons. The Patreon that supports the Things is


Thing 2: I have a sad

Thing 1: Are you looking for solutions or comfort?

Thing 2: I would like to be angry, then sad, then comforted, then adventure for solutions, then giggles

Thing 1: Let’s start!

Thing 2: Raar

Ordinary Madness – New Comic Book

Hi folks, I’ve always loved the wonderful stories I’ve heard about the joy the Things bring to folks. They have certainly brought a lot of joy to me.

And one of the ways drawing this comic has been special to me is that it ended up helping me heal from serious mental trauma. Between 2018 and 2020 I experienced three psychosises… which for me meant delusions, being lost in a scary thriller movie that wouldn’t end.

It really shook me up. The Things have played a huge role in my healing. Being able to take little aspects of my experience and turn them into more universal experiences we can all go through, helped me feel less alone and feel like I still had value to give to the world.

Most of my comics are not inspired by psychosis recovery, life is rich and diverse, but some are.

I’ve created a mini-comic/zine/book, 60 pages long that talks a bit about my experience in a way that I hope that is joyful, normalizing and a good read for anyone.

You can pre-order Ordinary Madness in my store, it’s a $9 instead of $10 for this first week.

It feels like a big, but important step to be open about my experience. Three in a hundred people will experience psychosis in their life and yet it’s still one of the most stigmatized things.

I hope you folks stick around, now that you know a bit more about what happened to me. I’m doing super well these days, I’ve gone through such a healing process and you get to see a little of it in my book.

Happy International Women’s Day!

I have remastered one of my favorite Mayara comics, celebrating one of my great influences and inspirations.

I love that one of the great feminist writers, who wrote Room of One’s Own and Orlando amongst other delights, has such an answer for what is a woman.

Onwards to adventures and explorations, to the multitudes of verbs inside a seemingly simple not so simple noun.

It is a noun that has plenty of room and curiosity to fit trans and cis women, for non-binary and intersex folks who feel that this is noun that has meaning for them.

Happy International Women’s Day, who is a woman that inspires you?

Happy International Women’s Day (Careers with Mayara) Comic Transcript

Mayara drawn as a philosopher, artist, farmer, bouncer, code monkey and irrepressible

 “I mean, what is a woman? I assure you, I do not know. I do not believe that you know. I do not believe that anybody can know until she has expressed herself in all the arts and professions open to human skill.” Virginia Woolf, Professions for Women

New Designs in the Things Redbubble Store!

I’m pleased to share with you the latest Thingly offerings on my Redbubble Store, now you can get The Many Faces of the Things in black and white or brown and blue!

Aaaand! Given how much fun different colored backgrounds can be, the Many Faces of Boot design is now available with a green background!

It’s been so interesting creating designs for a very different medium, I hope these can bring you some festive fun!

New Things Face Masks and Even Leggings on Redbubble!

You can now get Things face masks on Redbubble. The 3-layer ones are two layers of cotton plus one layer of synthetic with comfy adjustable ear loops.

I’ve also created a new Boot print for the store, it took me many hours to draw and arrange Boot that many times, but I quite like the sort of cow print look you can get. I think the t-shirt pattern needs a little bit of work, I’m still fiddling about with it, but I’m quite pleased with how it looks on other products. You can now get everything from Boot Socks, Boot Masks, Boot Leggings, Boot Apron or even a Boot Backpack

One of the things I love about Redbubble is that it has local shipping in many countries. I can send presents to family in Australia and friends in America for a similar cost!  

649: Build Castles in the Air

I got this quote from the most excellent David LaMotte, a truly amazing musician, speaker, and activist. If you like nourishing food for the soul, there’s a good chance you’ll like his stuff. Transcript If you have built castles in the air your work need not be lost. That is where they should be. Now put foundations under them. –  Henry David Thoreau   Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.

648: Dune in November, Bouncing as a Bunny Does!

Once a month cartoonists in Seattle get together to draw on the same day for an event called Dune. It used to happen at the beloved Cafe Racer, and now we share our work in a Facebook group. It isn’t quite the same, but it is lovely and I feel somewhat ashamed I don’t participate more often. I don’t even have “it’s too crowded and hard to find a seat” as an excuse these days. When my sweetie found out I was participating in Dune this month and saw how much I was struggling to find an idea he quickly sketched out this concept, an homage to Frank Herbert’s Dune. While drawing the comic I said “We must listen to Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice!” and Mike had no idea why. He’d heard it many times but had never registered that the refrain “If you walk without rhythm you won’t attract the worm” was part of it. That’s been the part that always gets stuck in my head, it’s how I hear that phrase now (with a little Christopher Walking shoulder shrug). If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Christopher Walkin dance to Weapon of Choice, it is one of the great video clips for a great reason. Walkin did a bunch of dance classes as a kid and it shows!
Transcript Bunson Hoppydew bouncing along sand dunes. Bunson dancing around the sand dunes. Closeup on the Things. Thing 1: I guess he does jump without rhythm! Zoom out to see the two Things standing on the back of a great sand worm. Bunson frolics happily in the desert. Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.
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647: Excuse me doodle, but what are you?

This lovely new character came into existence after my doodling Art from the Heart exercise! It has a lot of personality, but doesn’t have a name yet! E-mail any name suggestions to! Transcript: Thing 2 looks at new doodle character: What are you? Doodle Character looks to the left. Doodle Character looks to the right. Doodle Character: I don’t know! Thing 2: Is that exciting for you? Doodle Character: I think so, yes   Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.
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Art from the Heart, Abstract Interlude

As part of my Art from the Heart presentation at Orycon Creation Station’s OR e-con, I ran folks, including myself, through a new exercise. I was wondering if the prompts could help create interesting stuff that could help bring the weird to comics. It was cool to see what folks did, creating visualizations of different things or creating a lovely narrative across four panels.

This is what I created… and I think it will help bring some weird to the Things! Stay tuned!

646: Angry Turnips and Scarecrows, Not Staring into The Sun

Having the privilege to write professionally for roleplaying games is such a delightful honor. The Things have good days staring into the sun, but for those of us who are not nigh invulnerable (though also quite vulnerable) there are simpler pleasures. Transcript: Today I wrote about angry turnips and scarecrows It was a good day.   Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.
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